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The Defence Team Pride Advisory Organization (DTPAO) in Cold Lake is inviting all personnel on the wing to help us celebrate Pride Week during the week of 23-27 August 2021. As the first major event since the stand-up of the DTPAO, 4 Wing Pride Week will provide members of the Defence Team with opportunities to celebrate our diversity and inclusivity.

This year’s events will highlight 4 Wing’s commitment building understanding of the LGBTQ2+ communities and working to build respect for all Defence Team members at Cold Lake. Our local events are also being held to coincide with Public Service Pride Week (PSPW),

PSPW began in 2019 with the goal to send a clear message to Canadians that the federal public service is diverse and inclusive. This year’s Pride Season marks the 50th anniversary of the first LGBTQ2+ rights protests in Canada, which took place in Vancouver and Ottawa in 1971. PSPW will be holding many virtual events as well, which are detailed on the Public Service Pride Events page: Events – Public Service Pride.

4 Wing Pride Week will include the following events:

  • Monday 23 Aug 2021 – 0730 hrs – Raising of the Inclusive Pride Flag across from Building 1.
  • Tuesday 24 Aug 2021 – Positive Space Ambassador Workshop
  • Wednesday 25 Aug 2021 – 1030 hrs – Unveiling of commemorative flag and photos at CANEX and the launch of the “Lakeland Safe Space” Initiative
  • Wednesday 25 Aug 21 – DTPAO Outreach Material distribution has been postponed due to current COVID-19 Restrictions.
  • Thursday 26 Aug 21 – Viewing of “The Fruit Machine” and Q&A Panel has be postponed due to current COVID-19 Restrictions.
  • Friday 27 Aug 21 – 4 Wing Pride Event at Club 41 has been postponed due to current COVID-19 Restrictions.

Due to current COVID-19 posture, the events on Monday and Wednesday will be limited to 15 people and will be by invite only. For those interested in attending the Positive Space Ambassador Workshop, which will be held virtually from 0800-1200 hrs, please send an email to

Keep an eye out for the Inclusive Pride Flag across from Building 1, some special sidewalk painting by Hangar 1 and near the 4 Wing Health Services Center, and stop by the CANEX to view the commemorative display.



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