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The 2021 Courier Christmas Office Decorating Challenge judging began on December 8th, as Janae Wandler from the Courier visited twenty offices that entered the challenge. Having the hard choice of narrowing it down to only five finalists, the final judging took place on December 9th where Janae and Mike Marshall from The Courier joined with then-Major, now Lieutenant Colonel Jones and Chief Warrant Officer Lucas and visited the first finalist, the 4 Wing Comptroller office!

The office was decorated as “Santa’s Workshop”, complete with elves hard at work separating and receiving mail from good (and not-so-good) boys and girls, making delicious treats (which the judges tried as well) and preparing Santa Claus for his big day of work.

It was great to see the elves individually spaced at their work stations and following local health guidelines, noted LCol Jones.

This workshop is fantastic!


10 Field Technical Training Squadron (10 FTTS) invited the judges into a warm and cozy Gingerbread House!

The office featured all sorts of goodies including hot chocolate and baking, a visit from the 10 FTTS elves, some magical characters, music and more!

Also featured was a holiday scavenger hunt, which sent the judges out looking for missing elves throughout the office, some of which had suffered through some misadventures and got lost (including one who’s legs were sticking out from under the fridge!)

A beautiful tree decorated with each member of 10 FTTS represented on an ornament and a “Most Wanted” wall of some familiar faces around the office are also showcased! 

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