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Some members of the winning team accept the coveted Penguin Trophy! From left to right: Major Kean, Captain Ells, Captain Grant (i.e. Captain Christmas), Major Horch, 4 Wing Honorary Colonel Gates, Krampus (he somehow managed to sneak his way into the photo), Janae Wandler (Courier News Manager), Captain Hannappel, Wing Commander Colonel Moar, and Wing Chief Warrant Officer Darling. (Photo by Captain Brosseau)

“There could only be one winner for this years’ Courier Christmas Office Decorating Challenge. After judges toured the five finalists and deliberated for some time, they were able to come to the decision on who would be champion.

4 Operation Support Squadron (OSS) Headquarters at Hangar 1 featured a plethora of holiday decorations, a small holiday party, a story and more!

It began with “Captain Christmas” (Captain Grant) being taken away by the dreaded “Badger Banditos”.. With the help of the trusty Sheriff and his posse, a Nerf war was fought in the office that saw the banditos defeated and Captain Christmas saved!

The team showed great creativity and participation, the decorations looked terrific and the atmosphere was one of holiday fun and friendship. 

This year’s Office Decorating Challenge was a lot of fun. It was also really tough to judge who should win as everyone did an amazing job,” explained Janae Wandler, Courier News Manager. “It’s great to be able to offer something that gives everyone a little extra holiday cheer!”

Congratulations to the entire team at 4 OSS for their wonderful office decorating job! 

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