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Did you know arts and crafts are not just useful for child development? That’s right! Adults also need the time and space to be creative in their day to day lives. This is especially true during periods of high stress as art can assist in refocusing your attention to something more positive. In addition to reducing stress, the arts can also teach and enhance certain aspects that are critical to the work space such as math skills, reading, problem solving skills, observational skills, and innovative skills! These are only a few reasons without even looking at the emotional value of arts and crafts.

Arts are a great emotional release no matter what skill level! Though medias can vary, individuals may experience feelings of achievement, letting go of negative emotions, discovering a new hobby, and even generating a source of extra income! What media is used will differ from individual to individual. As an example, I find that painting allows me to express my emotions while weaving paracord provides a relaxing outlet. Others might prefer wood working, photography, or sculpting as their artistic media of choice!

The PSP Recreation Department understands the importance of having an artistic outlet, which is why we strive to provide arts and culture programming for both children and adults! No matter the skill level, our crafts are programmed to be fun, engaging, and as social as they can be in these times. There are still a few spaces left for our October craft class coming up on Wednesday, the 20th from 18:00-21:00 at the Cold Lake Golf & Winter Club. We will be painting a Seasonal Gnome with themed interchangeable arms, which is great for display all year round. All required craft supplies and one beverage ticket are included in the cost. Register through Book King or call our Welcome Desk to assist 780-840-8000 ext. 7823. For more information on the Seasonal Gnome or other craft opportunities, be sure to follow our social media pages – 4 Wing Connection on Facebook, and 4 Wing Recreation on Instagram!


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