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Wing Chaplain Padre (Maj) Howard Rittenhouse – File Photo

The 4 Wing Chaplain Team is the one of the first lines of support for all Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and their families as well as DND employees. Every unit and squadron has a chaplain assigned to them, and when members or their families have personal or familial problems, work issues, questions or concerns about spiritual/religious matters, or need a listening ear, the chaplains are here.

Chaplains can help find resources, assist members and families find their way forward, and provide advice (moral, religious/spiritual, and ethical) to both members and the chain of command. The 4 Wing Chaplain Team is also responsible for both St Mark’s Protestant Chapel and Holy Name Roman Catholic Chapel on the wing in which we hold regular Sunday services. Baptisms, marriages, and other religious services are available.

The 4 Wing Chaplain Team also maintains a multi-faith space available to members and families who need a space in which to find solitude, quiet, and/or perform their own spiritual practices. Through the 4 Wing Chaplain Team, members may also access the 4 Wing Benevolent Fund in times of financial distress, or the annual Christmas hamper program. Both are supported by generous donations from the wider 4 Wing family.

Finally, whatever your spiritual/religious identity or none, chaplains care for all and serve members and their families without exception.


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