Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) CF-188 Hornets fly over Cold Lake – File Photo

A plethora of interesting aircraft may be seen in the skies above Cold Lake in the next few days.

As the 2022 Cold Lake Air Show draws near, 4 Wing has stated the traffic one might see buzzing around in the next little while.

“There will be an increase in civilian and military aircraft over the Lakeland Region on July 14, 2022, as performers arrive for the Cold Lake Air Show,” explains 4 Wing Public Affairs Officer Captain Rachel Brosseau.

“An optional visual flight rules (VFR) tour has been planned over the towns of St. Paul, Bonnyville, and Cold Lake, AB for the aircraft to showcase their arrival. The aircraft will fly no lower than 1000 feet above the highest obstacle over ground level.”

Capt Brosseau says that the tour is subject to weather and maintenance availability.

Organizers of the Air Show say some interesting aircraft making their way to CFB Cold Lake on July 14th include:

F-22 Raptor: 12 pm
C-5 Galaxy: 12:15 pm
CC-130J Hercules: 12:30 pm
CC-150 Polaris: 1 pm
E-3 Sentry: 2 pm
CH-148 Cyclone: 3 pm
CP-140 Aurora: 3 pm
Long-EZ: 4 pm
P-51 Mustang: 4 pm

The organizers do say those arrival times are subject to change.

The 2022 Cold Lake Air Show runs on July 16th and 17th.

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