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The Lakeland Multicultural Association is presenting a virtual celebration of Diwali on November 20th – Supplied Photo

A local celebration of the festival of Diwali is taking place this weekend. The Lakeland Multicultural Association (LMA) is hosting a virtual Diwali celebration on November 20th.

“Diwali is an Indian festival, a festival of lights celebrated around the world by various faiths in India with their respective traditions,” explains the co-leader organizer and Secretary for the LMA, Cpl Kirandeep Braich. “Lakeland Multicultural Association has been hosting an annual Diwali night since 2018.”

The celebration comes complete with performances and a diversity showcase on YouTube and for some, an Indian meal that the group was taking preorders for throughout the week.

“LMA will still be serving the Indian food drive thru style at FCSS (locations) on Nov. 20th in Cold Lake and St. Paul,” says Braich. “The timing to pick up meals will be 4:30pm to 6:00pm.”

The online celebration is due to begin at 6:30 PM. Interested participants can join in by accessing the Lakeland Multicultural Association’s Youtube channel.

“LMA focuses on celebrating diversity in the Lakeland area by putting on events like Diwali Night, initiatives like Monthly Culture Bags, and much more,” adds Braich.

More information on the LMA is available on their Facebook page. 


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