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Members celebrate the anniversary with an amazing cake made by All Ranks Kitchen staff. From left to right are: Deputy Wing Commander, LCol Alain Gagnon, Sam Kemplay, Avr Cage Bergen, Sgt Alexandra Lushman, and Sgt Andrew Hallett.

Happy 55th Birthday RCLS!

On February 1, 2023, the Royal Canadian Logistics Service (RCLS) celebrated its 55th anniversary. February 1st is the official date of formation of the Logistics Branch, which is recognized as 1 February 1968, the date that the Canadian Forces Reorganization Act was proclaimed.

The motto, by which logisticians are inspired, is SERVITIUM NULLI SECUNDUS. This Latin phrase is inscribed on the Branch badge. Translated, the inscription means “service second to none.” The key word is SERVICE. Logisticians provide SERVICE in terms of material, personnel, facilities, and services to all other members of the Canadian Armed Forces. SECOND TO NONE means that Canadian Logisticians provide SERVICE better than any other Logisticians in the world, military or civilian.

4 Wing Cold Lake celebrated the Logistics birthday by holding a meet and greet at the All Ranks Mess. A beautifully constructed cake was provided by the kitchen staff that detailed all the trades that shape the branch.

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