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Doug Sirant, a member of the 4 Wing Band – Supplied Photo

Tuning up the Band is a showcase of the members that make up the 4 Wing Band. These submitted articles give the band members an opportunity to showcase their history with the group, as well as explain what makes the band so special to them.

Doug Sirant is a 33-year member of the 4 Wing Band.

“The 4 Wing Band has been a very important piece of my life in Cold Lake. The band has given me the chance to meet many interesting and very important people (including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in Yellowknife in 1994).”

He says making music has always been a passion.

“The band gives me the chance to perform for the public and make them as happy as I am playing for them. Music has always been important for me and my family and I am proud to continue the long family tradition of performing.”

“Also, professionally I have had the very good fortune to work with many other awe-inspiring musicians and conductors over the years. I have learned so much from everyone around me and I am so happy that 4 Wing has supported the Band for so long and deeply hope they continue to do so in the future. You have a very wonderful thing here!”

When Doug is not playing music with the 4 Wing Band, he is the Band, CALM, and Sports Medicine teacher at Cold Lake High School and a member of Cold Lake Fire-Rescue.

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