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Wing Commander Colonel David Turenne and Wing Chief Warrant Officer Lee Darling receive their flu vaccine courtesy of 22 Health Services. The photo was taken in 4 Wing Health Care Centre, 4 Wing, Cold Lake, Alberta, on October 14, 2022 – Photo: Aviator Conor R.G. Munn, 4 Wing Imaging

Around 222 COVID-19 vaccinations and 261 Influenza vaccinations were handed out during a vaccination campaign at 4 Wing last month, says 22 Canadian Forces Health Services members.

The campaign ended on October 28th, but Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members who are still looking to get a flu shot may still receive one through the limited spots available via the Online Booking Tool.

“Vaccination against both influenza and COVID is the best way to prevent infection with these viruses,” says Wing Surgeon Lieutenant Commander Chet Mecham.  “As these viruses tend to circulate more easily through the fall and winter, CAF personnel keeping up to date with these vaccinations protect their own health and wellness, as well as enable their ongoing operational effectiveness.  These vaccines are proven to be both safe and effective.”

On October 14th, Wing Commander Col Dave Turenne and 4 Wing Chief Warrant Officer CWO Lee Darling rolled up their sleeves to receive their shots.


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