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Just like that it’s winter, how did that happen already?  Outside of the unsolicited cold weather serviceability check of our car batteries and the blanket of snow that invaded our streets and driveways, November was another busy month for 4 Wing!

We were fortunate to host Maj (Ret’d) Dee Brasseur’s visit to hear her perspective and experiences as one of Canada’s (and the world’s) first two female fighter pilots, the 4 Wing Defence Women’s Advisory Organization held an information session to raise awareness of domestic violence outlining the resources available in our community, and for the first time in a year we found ourselves able to hold town halls.  Albeit with a much reduced capacity it was still good to see our team mates face to face, share information and hear concerns.  The demand for exercises and operations maintained its usual high tempo, we welcomed some of our members back to the Wing while others were prepped and departed.  Also of significance, we were able to commemorate Remembrance Day this year with smaller ceremonies held at 1 Hangar and within unit lines.

As we look into the near horizon, we plan for additional training exercises and operational deployments to enable our force generation and no fail mission.  With the upcoming holiday season, we are thrilled to announce that we will be able to celebrate with some of our traditional holiday activities here at the Wing! The gatherings and events have been modified to fall within our COVID-19 direction and guidance. More information will be disseminated next week.

The demand for your time, effort and expertise is not lost on us here at headquarters.  The ability to adapt to constant change and overcome obstacles presented by restrictive timelines and resource constraints is testament to your flexibility, professionalism and mission focus.  Every one of you is an integral member of the 4 Wing team and contribute greatly to the successful achievement of our mission.

As we slide into winter and the additional challenges of colder temperatures, slippery surfaces and less daylight, remember to remain cautious and adjust accordingly.  Stay safe, stay healthy and thanks to all for everything you do.


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