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Group photo with 10 FTTS Squadron from Bagetville during Exercise Cougar South at United States Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 14, 2023 – Photo: Cpl Brock Curtis, Royal Canadian Airforce Imagery technician

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In an impressive display of commitment and expertise, 10 Field Technical Training Squadron (10 FTTS) Servicing and Elementary tasks Course (AGYS 2350), a course taking place in Bagotville, completed their deployment for Exercise COUGAR SOUTH 23 in New Orleans, Louisiana (United States). Led by a crew consisting of 10 students and 7 staff members, including an interim Chief Instructor, Standards, and 5 Instructors, the AGYS course showcased their exceptional skills and dedication throughout the exercise.  

The deployment, which took place from March 31st to April 25th, was a collaborative effort between 4 Wing Cold Lake’s 10 FTTS’ Bagotville Detachment and 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron (Bagotville). Both teams joined forces for the second half of the exercise. From day one, the AGYS course set the standard by accomplishing 80% of the daily servicing workload, including inspections, starts, parks, and checks. This noteworthy level of performance was maintained throughout the entirety of the deployment.

Despite reduced presence of staff in the final week, the team swiftly implemented secondary courses of action to ensure the completion of assessments and practical exams. Their resourcefulness and adaptability in such challenging circumstances demonstrated their unwavering determination to succeed. 

One of the key factors contributing to the success of 10 FTTS’ AGYS deployment was the establishment and maintenance of an open line of communication between 10 FTTS Bagotville Detachment and 425 Squadron. This proactive approach ensured the efficient utilization of resources and facilitated necessary adjustments to fit the flying schedule when required. 

The deployment of AGYS 2350 Course was an unequivocal success, yielding significant results in terms of technical ability and confidence among the apprentices. The success of this exercise further justifies the necessity of providing such training opportunities to foster continuous growth and excellence within the military.

10 FTTS’ Bagotville AGYS 2350 Course has undoubtedly left a lasting impression through their exceptional performance during Exercise COUGAR SOUTH 23. Their commitment, dedication, and ability to adapt in challenging circumstances have set a notable example for future deployments. The Royal Canadian Air Force can take pride in the accomplishments of these apprentices and their instructors, who have exemplified the highest standards of professionalism and competence.

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