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There is an urgent requirement to fill vacant Flight Attendant (FA) positions, at the rank of Sailor (1st Class)/Corporal and Master Sailor/Master Corporal, at 437 Transport Squadron at 8 Wing in Trenton, Ontario.The Flight Attendant Employment Program (FAEP) offers non-commissioned members across the Canadian Armed Forces an amazing opportunity to broaden their career experience outside of their occupation to work as an FA.

FAs are skilled at performing a variety of tasks associated with passenger safety and comfort, responding to onboard emergencies, and operating aircraft ancillary, emergency and survival equipment, to name just a few.

While the actual positions belong to and are managed by the Royal Canadian Air Force, FAs receive a specialty qualification while maintaining their current military occupation and environmental uniform. In other words, this is not an occupational transfer; rather, it is employment for a limited duration of flight duties. On completion of FA training, members will be posted to 437 Squadron for a very challenging and rewarding three-year tour flying on the Airbus. During the course of their FA employment, members will continue to be merit-listed within their own occupation, and when FA duties are completed, their respective career managers will determine their next occupational employment.

Along with specialized training and a great employment experience, FAs also receive Air Crew Allowance (see QR&O 205.32 Air Crew Allowance).

For more details, including eligibility requirements, see the CANFORGEN at:

You’ll also find more information on the 437 Squadron FA webpage at:

Is this for you? Talk to your local Personnel Selection Officer to get started on a path that really takes off!


Member of military standing in front of a plane

Sergeant Amelie Cote, a flight attendant for 437 squadron, working in her element for a recruiting event for flight attendant on May 7, 2021. Photo: MCpl Darcy Lefebvre, 8 Wing Imagery.

What Is The Uniform?

Though they are working in an RCAF position, FAs maintain their own environmental uniform.

Typically, FAs wear green flight suits or, when flying with VIPs, their standard DEU 3B uniform. They also are entitled to wear the Flight Crew Badge (see CFAO 55-10, Award of Canadian Forces Flying and Specialist Skill Badges).

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