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Wing Commander R.F. Murray outside his residence at CFB Cold Lake  – Supplied Photo

Medley of Memories is a captivating feature that invites you to delve into the rich tapestry of Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake’s legacy. From military personnel to civilian residents, Medley of Memories weaves together a mosaic of experiences. Immerse yourself in these tales as we celebrate the 70-year history of this iconic Canadian military institution through the heartfelt narratives of those who have left a mark on its legacy.

“I would have been 8 to 11 years old at the time and I can’t imagine a happier childhood”

Russ Murray made the move to CFB Cold Lake in 1964 with his family and says he can remember the new sounds of his new home clearly.

“I recall when we first moved there from CFB Borden, the sound of those CF-104’s roaring overhead. My dad, Wing Commander R.F. Murray, was stationed in Cold Lake from 1964 to 1967. I believe he was the Base Administration Officer reporting to Group Commander John Buzza.”

“I suppose there are too many stories that aren’t unique to base life aside from having to abide by a 10:00 pm curfew, paying just 25 cents for a movie ticket and accompanying my parents on a “sched run” aboard a C-47 “Dak” to Edmonton. Highlights back then were the airshows, picking blueberries, bareback horse riding using parachute straps as bridles, fishing in Cold Lake and of course the Polar Carnival!”

“A couple of other fond memories I have include learning how to drive a standard at age 12 on Rat Lake Road, Dad yelling at cars to slow down as I believe the speed limit was either 15 or 25 mph at the time and Dad “planting” artificial flowers in the “garden” of our PMQ!”

Murray says when his Dad, an avid golfer, decided to retire, the local Search and Rescue team decided to have some fun to help send him off.

“Dad retired from the RCAF in 1967 and knowing that he was a golf enthusiast, the Search and Rescue lads had some fun when they dropped a big bag of shag balls around where Dad’s tee shot landed. That was terrific!”

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