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Bill Parker’s 1971 Pontiac GTO, which will be on display at the 2024 Classic Car Show at the Cold Lake Air Show – Supplied Photo

The 2024 Cold Lake Air Show is set to offer more than just high-flying excitement this year. Alongside the awe-inspiring aerial displays, the event will feature the highly anticipated Classic Car Show.

Held in conjunction with the Cold Lake Cruisers car club, the Classic Car Show is always a hit with guests at the Cold Lake Air Show, celebrating the rich heritage of automotive engineering and design. With a plethora of classic and unique cars expected to be on display, attendees can look forward to a diverse collection that spans several decades.

Car enthusiasts and history buffs alike will have the chance to admire an array of vintage vehicles, with this year’s spotlight on the 60th anniversary of two iconic American muscle cars: the Ford Mustang and the Pontiac GTO.

The Ford Mustang, first introduced in 1964, quickly became an American icon with its sleek design and powerful performance. Its enduring popularity has made it a beloved classic for car enthusiasts worldwide. The Pontiac GTO, often referred to as the first true muscle car, also debuted in 1964 and set the standard for high-performance vehicles with its robust engine and stylish design.

 To honour these milestones, the Classic Car Show will feature examples of both the Mustang and GTO.

The show’s highlight will be an exhibit of a Shelby Mustang, a rare and prized model known for its high performance and unique design. The Shelby Mustang, a collaboration between Ford and racing legend Carroll Shelby, is widely considered to be a symbol of American automotive prowess and speed.

Your ticket to the Air Show includes a visit to the Classic Car Show!

The 2024 Cold Lake Air Show, running from July 20th –21st , promises a weekend filled with excitement for all ages. Whether you are there to witness breathtaking aerial stunts or to marvel at the gleaming chrome and powerful engines of classic cars, there is something for everyone.

For more information on the Cold Lake Air Show and the Classic Car Show, visit the official event website.

The Cold Lake Air Show is pleased to be in partnership with our Entertainment Sponsor, Raytheon Canada Limited!

The preceding text is a paid endorsement for the 2024 Cold Lake Air Show.

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