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Hockey teams face off inside the Colonel J.J. Parr Sports Centre during CAF Sports Day on October 20th, 2023 – All photos/video by Mike Marshall, The Courier News 

4 Wing played host to another successful fall edition of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Sports Day.

On October 20th, around 644 members took part in a variety of activities around the wing, including Ice Hockey, Flag Football, Spin Class, Volleyball, Squash, Yoga, and a Wellness Walk. Participants also took in a delicious grab-and-go Subway lunch, care of event sponsor Canadian Natural.

“The CAF Sports Day at 4 Wing turned out to be an awesome day!” said 4 Wing Personnel Support Programs (PSP) Fitness and Sports Manager Tammy Buchanan. “There was great participation by the members, wonderful weather, and dedicated staff and volunteers all working to make the day enjoyable!”

The opening ceremony featured a presentation of a cheque to 4 Wing Commander Colonel Dave Turenne and Wing Chief Warrant Officer Dipen Mistry by members of both CANEX and SISIP. The cheque represented revenue made by the two groups that would be reinvested into programs supporting military families and veterans.

The winners of the day included:

Volleyball – 1st place – 10 Field Technical Training Squadron (10 FTTS)

Flag Football – 1st place – 4 Wing Fire Department

Hockey – 1st place – The Mad Dogs

Squash – 1st place for beginners – Sergeant Erling; 1st place for intermediate – Warrant Officer Wilkes; 1st place for advanced – Lieutenant Colonel Sudul

Activities like the Wellness Walk, Spin Class and Yoga featured door prizes. Members also had the opportunity to receive a flu and COVID vaccine during the day, with a pop-up vaccination clinic located inside the Colonel J.J. Parr Sports Centre.

This was the 11th version of CAF Sports Day hosted at 4 Wing.

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