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Cold Lake has made a prestigious list for winter anglers. The online fishing guide Fishing Booker has named the lake a top 10 destination for ice fishing in Canada in 2024.

“Stretching over 370 square kilometres (144 square miles) between Alberta and Saskatchewan, Cold Lake really comes into its own in the winter,” says the guide. “Cold by name and cold by nature, it usually starts icing over in December. And once it does, anglers ready their augers with the hope of catching one thing – a massive Lake Trout.”

“Cold Lake is one of the deepest lakes in Alberta, plunging to depths of over 200 metres (650 feet). This makes it the perfect habitat for huge Lake Trout, who thrive in areas with plenty of space and all the bait that comes with it. In fact, the Alberta Lake Trout record was caught here way back in the 1920s – and no one’s topped it yet!”

Joining Cold Lake on the list were destinations such as Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories and the Muskoka Lakes in Ontario. Fishing Booker describes itself as the ” largest online platform for finding and booking fishing trips in the world.”

Members at CFB Cold Lake can access rental ice fishing gear through the Personnel Support Programs (PSP) Sports Stores, located inside the Colonel J.J. Parr Sports Centre.

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